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Something Fun for Everyone

The BicycleTricycle¬†design studio is a place to be inspired, play with different mediums, and create custom pieces for clients and friends. BicycleTricycle products are designs that solve a problem, make you comfortable, or simply look pretty, regardless of the end users aesthetics. They’re for kids and the kids at heart, hence the BicycleTricycle tagline “Something Fun for Everyone”.

BicycleTricycle LIGHTING

Nautical IV Holders

Custom IV Holders for I.M. 120  [Warwick, RI]

Nautical IV Holders & 3Form Partition Wall

Nautical IV Holder

Rope Detail


pink upholstered headboard

Pink Velvet Nailhead Tufted Headboard

Hand Painted Storage Bins

Reclaimed wood railing & ladder

Reclaimed Wood Railing & Ladder [Made by Leon Filmer for Red House Custom Building]

reclaimed wood railing & ladder reclaimed wood railing & ladder